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European culture, weak euro big draws for international tourists this summer

Europe is top of mind for international travellers this summer, with a new report showing that globetrotters living halfway around the world are choosing to spend their money and vacation time in countries like France, Italy and the UK.

According to a report from the European Travel Commission, four out of five Brazilian, Chinese, Russian and US citizens who plan to travel long-haul this summer said they will be flying to Europe for their big summer holiday.

The biggest draw for these travellers include nature, famous landmarks, history and culture of European destinations.

For Chinese and Japanese tourists, the most popular European destinations this summer are France, Germany, Italy and the UK.

The strength of the US dollar against the weakening euro is also expected to boost the numbers of American visitors this summer, with four out of five respondents making long-haul trips outside North America choosing Europe as their main destination.

Analysts were also able to break down findings into age groups: In China, for instance, the most eager demographic to travel long-haul was the middle-aged market, ages 35 to 49.

The picture is reversed in Russia, however, where the youngest group, 18 to 34, expressed a higher interest in summer long-haul travel.

Europe is also the most popular destination for young Americans compared to the middle-aged market: nine out of 10 Americans aged 18 to 34 are choosing to travel to Europe this summer compared to four out of five respondents ages 35 to 49.

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