Fallen faces of the uprising: Mohamed Ramadan

Mohamed Ramadan, 16-years old, enjoyed playing soccer like many boys his age.

The morning of 28 January, the so-called Friday of Anger, was the last time he would play. The Alexandria district of Abo Qeer was where a police officer killed him and his friend Karim while the boys waited together in the local mosque watching the pro-democracy protests pass by.

According to Mohamed's father, a retired navy officer named Ramadan Ahmed Abdo, Mohamed went out with Karim on Friday to play soccer.

When protesters marched past, the boys went into the mosque, thinking they would be protected. As they watched the protests, witnesses say they saw a sniper on top of a building shoot Karim in the stomach.

Mohamed bent over to look at his friend and was shot in the head. Karim died instantly and Mohamed died on 3 February in hospital.

Abdo said witnesses in the neighborhood know the sniper by name, and he is currently under investigation.

Mohamed was not keen on school, saying education was useless since he wouldn’t be able to get a job anyway.

“He had a Facebook account and had many friends from other countries,” his father said.

Mohamed was never into politics. He was a regular boy with hobbies and curiosity, according to his father.

He is, however, one of the many whose deaths changed history.

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