A fierce war to keep us out of power, says Brotherhood

The Muslim Brotherhood and its Freedom and Justice Party claimed there was a “fierce war” aiming to keep the Brotherhood and Islamists out of the executive branch, whether the government or the presidency, and to prevent them from writing the constitution, although the popular mood in Egypt is Islamist, they said in a joint statement on Wednesday.

The statement also talked about an anti-Islamic project supported by the media that launches a dishonest campaign based on slander and fraud, and threatens the values of truthfulness, honesty, accuracy, impartiality and professional ethics.

The statement called on the people to unite in order to complete the peaceful and democratic process, handing over power to an elected authority by 30 June, as was pledged by the junta, hold fair presidential elections, firmly support the renaissance project of the group and the party, and support Mohamed Morsy, their candidate for the presidency.

It also called on the junta to achieve the will of the people and Parliament by dismissing the government and allowing the parliamentary majority, which was chosen by the people, to form a coalition government.

The group confirmed its participation in a demonstration planned for 20 April to express the people's demands and “protect the revolution.”

The statement said that the people elected both houses of Parliament of their own free will, and that the majority voted for the Muslim Brotherhood and its party, but when that party started to do its job and fix the country in order to meet the demands of the people, the government put obstacles in place and fabricated crises. Also, when Parliament asked the military council to dismiss the government and let the parliamentary majority form another, the request was turned down.

The statement pointed out that the Presidential Elections Commission excluded Khairat al-Shater although his status was legal, and that it discarded his pardon although it was issued by a military court. That is why the group and the party are fielding Morsy, the leader of the party, and will strongly support him. 

This article is an edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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