Health Ministry to impose fines on hairdressers to curb hepatitis

Hairdressers are likely to pay hefty fines if they do not commit to sterilizing their kits, said the assistant health minister following a meeting with the People’s Assembly Health Committee on Monday.

According to Assistant Minister Abdel Hamid Abaza, the new measure, which will be included in a ministerial decree to be issued soon, aims at curbing viral hepatitis C infections. He said inspections of hairdressers’ work and the imposition of fines will be coordinated with the ministry’s inspection and legal departments. The Health Ministry has decided to launch an inspection campaign to ensure the new standards are respected.

Abaza cited research that had proved hair styling kits can carry the infection.

The Health Committee, chaired by MP Akram al-Shaer, is planning a visit on 29 May to the Cairo Liver Institute to check on patients’ conditions and inquire about the institute’s needs.

Edited translation from MENA

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