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Five tips to safely practice sports during Ramadan

With a large number of people choosing to exercise even while fasting during Ramadan, it’s more important than ever to follow the best guidelines to prevent health issues.

Al-Masry Al-Youm summarizes the most important medical tips that must be followed while practicing sports activities during Ramadan.

1- Choosing the right time to exercise during the holy month of Ramadan. One hour before iftar is the appropriate time to exercise during fasting, as well as after iftar when drinking and eating are permissible.

2- It is necessary for the body to be well hydrated, especially while fasting. Fluids must be taken and increased during exercise to avoid dehydration and other health complications.

3- Athletes should avoid consuming caffeine because it causes diuresis in large quantities, which causes easy dehydration.

They should therefore stay away from all food products that contain caffeine, including coffee, soft drinks and tea, especially before exercising.

4- Reduce intake of foods or drinks that are high on calories. Instead, eat more proteins and carbohydrates to obtain the best results from exercising.

5- Obtain a sufficient amount of rest after practicing sports activities, before or after iftar, especially in case of feeling dizzy and nauseous.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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