Flights out of Cairo airport operating according to schedule: EgyptAir

EgyptAir announced on Thursday that its flights to and from Cairo International Aiport would operate as normal, in accordance with the schedule, despite the disappearance of one of its Airbus A320 planes over the Mediterranean in the early hours.
Eighty-four flights took off from Cairo on Thursday, including a flight to Charles de Gaulles Airport in Paris. EgyptAir's schedule for Thursday includes 116 international and domestic flights.
In a statement, EgyptAir expressed its condolences to the families of the victims, although it was not able to confirm what had happened to the plane or the fate of those onboard.
The statement added that EgyptAir is exerting the maximum effort, in coordination with the relevant authorities, to get more information about the plane and the victims. 
The missing A320 took off from Charles de Gualle Airport in Paris, bound for Cairo, and disappeared at 2:36 am on Thursday, according to Armed Forces Spokesperson Ahmed Samir  from 
An EgyptAir statement, published on Twitter, added that the plane was at an altitude of 37,000 feet, and disappeared 10 miles into Egyptian airspace.
The plane was supposed to reach Cairo Airport at 3:15 am.
The plane carried 30 Egyptian passengers, 15 French, a British citizen, a Belgian, two Iraqis, a Kuwaiti, a Saudi, a Sudanese, a Chadian, a Portugese citizen, an Algerian, and a Canadian.

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