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Foreign currency prices in Egypt Wednesday

On Wednesday, March 1, the price of the US dollar continued to be stable in the National Bank of Egypt(NBE), while foreign currency rates witnessed slight changes.

Foreign currency exchange rates on Wednesday at the NBE:

US dollar

LE30.48 for purchase

LE30.58 for sale


LE32.2052 for purchase

LE32.3995 for sale

Sterling pound

LE36.6126 for purchase

LE36.8428 for sale

Canadian dollar

LE 22.315 for purchase

LE 22.4539 for sale

Swiss franc

LE 32.3224 for purchase

LE 32.525 for sale

Japanese yen

LE 22.3346 for purchase

LE 22.4638 for sale

Australian dollar

LE 20.4094 for purchase

LE 20.6537 for sale

Kuwaiti dinar

LE96.0181 for purchase

LE99.6416 for sale

Saudi riyal

LE8.1148 for purchase

LE8.1488 for sale

UAE dirham

LE 8.305 for purchase

LE 8.3258 for sale

Qatari riyal

LE 7.8154 for purchase

LE 8.3598 for sale

Jordanian dinar

LE42.3922 for purchase

LE43.1129 for sale

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