Forensic report: Heba al-Ayouty died of serious medical error

The Forensic report on Heba al-Ayouty, the woman who died in a private hospital in Maadi, said she died as a result of a serious medical error.
It said the doctor gave her an injection of formalin, a substance used to preserve samples extracted from the body, instead of a dye.
The report accused the doctor of negligence, as he did not react when changes appeared on the patient and when she suffered pain.
The victim had entered the Nile Badrawi Hospital in May to do an X-Ray at the request of the gynecologist, but the doctor gave her formalin, a caustic substance that burned her internal organs.
Her family took her to Germany for treatment, but she died there.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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