Former MPs tour west Africa for anti-coup campaign

Former MPs who support toppled President Mohamed Morsy started a tour in a number of west African countries as part of their international campaign against Egypt's current government, the Anadolu News Agency reported Tuesday.
The delegation plans a visit to Mauritania on Tuesday to meet with African rights activists over the trial of Egyptian figures before the international and African courts.
A parliamentarian delegation headed by former deputy head of the human rights committee at the dissolved Shura Council Ezz Eddin al-Koumy visited Senegal on 3 February for the same reason. Koumy described the visit to Senegal as positive, pointing out that he is looking for further support through the delegation's visit to Senegal.
"We met with many popular, party, official, and rights leaders in Senegal where the Egyptian parliamentarian delegation met with the majority bloc of the Senegalese parliament," Koumy said, according to Anadolu.
He added that the Senegalese MPs expressed support to their cause and the legitimacy of Morsy.
Before leaving the Senegalese capital Dakar, Koumy said that the delegation met with leaders of the Reform Party, member of the Senegalese coalition government. He added they said it was important to preserve the nascent democracy in Arab, Islamic and African countries.
"We asked party members in the Parliament to put the issue of the coup in Egypt among the priorities discussed by the Council, and to raise this issue in the meeting of the Islamic parliaments to be held in Turkey, as well as in the meeting of the Pan-African Parliament," Anadolu quoted Koumy.
"We agreed with international human rights organizations in Senegal on the need to file lawsuits against the coup [authority] before the African Court of Justice and the ICC, and to submit a request to the International Association of Judges to discuss the position of the Egyptian judiciary, which has become politicized and denying justice, as well as the need to strive towards issuing arrest warrants against the coup leaders in each country they visit," he added.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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