Former Parliament secretary on trial for illicit gains

Sami Mahran, the former secretary general of the dissolved People’s Assembly, was referred to a criminal court by the Illicit Gains Authority on Monday on charges of illegal gains and abuse of power.

Mahran is accused of using his position to illegally earn LE22 million.

The Illicit Gains Authority also recommended that Mehran be sentenced to pay LE44 million, a sum covering the amount of money he illegally acquired as well as an LE22 million fine.

Investigations into Mahran’s case have been ongoing for the past year. Reports from the Administrative Control Authority and the Public Funds Investigation showed discrepancies in Mahran’s reported income and his actual wealth.

The Illegal Gains Authority interrogated Mahran as well as witnesses and associates who had business dealings with him. Initial investigations suggested that Mahran had exploited his position of power to make illicit earnings of LE15 million by illegally purchasing plots of land in areas of 6th of October, Sheikh Zayed, New Cairo and the North Coast.

Mahran is also accused of illicitly purchasing a villa in the Madinity compound and helping his daughter obtain financial benefits at her workplace to which she was not entitled.

The investigative report also showed another LE7 million in Mahran’s accounts that the suspect was unable to account for.

Pending his trial, Mahran has been released on a bail of LE50,000.

The public prosecution is still conducting investigations into Mahran on other charges.

Edited translation from MENA

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