Free National Coalition Party calls for investigations into sectarian violence

Members of the Free National Coalition Party’s founding committee called for an investigation into the Atfeeh church torching as well as clashes which took place at Manshiyet Nasser area. They also called for taking strong action against those who ignite sectarian conflict among Muslims and Copts.

Professor of international law Hesham Sadeq, head of the committee, rejected the proposed constitutional amendments that will go to public referendum of 19 March. Sadeq called for drafting new constitution that would help establish a civil state, and asked that the interim phase be extended and parliamentary elections postponed for at least a year. He also proposed that the country be run by a presidential council in which the military is represented.

During the second meeting of the Free National Coalition Party’s founding committee in Alexandria on Friday, Sadeq added that the constitution lost its legitimacy when the 25 January revolution broke out, and therfore merely amending or changing some of its articles is unacceptable.

Kameel Seddiq, also a founding committee member, mentioned that sectarian strife in Egypt has become a widespread phenomenon, especially since the revolution. Seddiq called for a speedy investigation into the Atfeeh church burning and Manshiyet Nasser clashes to find who is behind these divisions among citizens.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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