Futuristic hoverboard now on market

Movies have always been addressing fictional ideas that may be hard to believe at a certain time. But those ideas soon turn into a reality, thanks to technology.
The flying skateboard that Marty McFly used in the film “Back To Future” seemed a crazy idea unfounded in reality, however, it looks like that skateboard has now come a real product available on the market for US$1,000.
The site TechEBlog reported that HENDO is the first hoverboard. It is made of a copper plate and four engines in the form of a disk that generates electromagnetic fields in opposite directions, which allows the board to rise from the ground and fly in the air. This is called an MFA technique.
Its inventors say the board needs 40 watts of electricity to carry objects weighing 1 kg, while a helicopter needs 160 watts for the same load, which illustrates the effectiveness of the board.
Critics who demoed the board warn not to be swept away by the hype of the invention. They note that the hoverboard only works on specially designed surfaces, rendering it useless on normal ground. The company said, however, they hope to eventually expand it to work on all surfaces, even water.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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