Gamal Mubarak: I was going to run for president

Gamal Mubarak, son of deposed President Hosni Mubarak, has admitted that he was intending to run in the presidential elections, but as a normal citizen and not as the president’s son, as he put it.

Gamal and his brother Alaa are being investigated on accusations of killing demonstrators during the revolution, taking commissions from gas exports and the settling of Egypt’s debts, as well as forcing investors to accept them as partners in their businesses.

Asked in the investigation whether their father ordered the killing of demonstrators, they denied the accusation, saying he repeatedly ordered the interior minister to exercise restraint.

For his part, Gamal Mubarak said he advised his father to step down if he was no longer wanted by the people. He added that the deposed president was willing to do so, but feared his resignation would lead to chaos.

In related news, the Public Funds Prosecution (PFP) decided to summon ten former members of parliament who are accused of abusing their power to obtain travel agency licenses from former Tourism Minister Zoheir Garrana in violation of the law.

Also, the PFP received an offer from Gamal Mubarak’s father-in-law, Magdi Rasekh, who fled the country, to repay LE30 million to the government in return for dropping corruption charges against him.

Other businessmen facing similar charges also offered payment. Mohamed Abu Enein, former member of the National Democratic Party, offered to return LE20 million, while former Tourism Minister Zoheir Garrana offered LE90 million and former Housing Minister Ahmed al-Maghraby offered LE45 million.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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