Sisi hails role of India’s Bohra community in renovating Historic Cairo’s mosques, mausoleums

President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi Saturday 11/05/2024 received Leader of India’s Bohra community Sultan Mufaddal Saifuddin and his brother Prince Jawhar Ezz al Dien as well as his sons Prince Jaafar al Sadiq Emad al-Dien, Prince Taha Najm al-Dien and Prince Hussien Burhan al-Dien.

This took place in the presence of Head of the Egyptian General Intelligence Service Abbas Kamel and Mufaddal Mohammad, the Sultan’s representative in Cairo.

President Sisi welcomed the sultan’s visit to Egypt and hailed the historical relations between Egypt and Bohra community as well as the role of the sultan and his community in renovating Historic Cairo’s mosques and mausoleums of the Ahl Al Bayt (Prophet Muhammad’s family), according to Presidential Spokesman Ahmed Fahmy.

The President praised the development and charity projects carried out by the community in Egypt, underscoring the state’s keenness on maintaining the path of development nationwide, including efforts to revamp Historic Cairo area, the spokesman said.

Meanwhile, Bohra’s sultan expressed deep appreciation of president Sisi and Egypt’s constant development efforts at all levels. He hailed the eagerness of the Egyptian state and the president on continuously promoting the principles of citizenship and tolerance for the benefit of ensuring peaceful coexistence and social peace.

The sultan hailed the remarkable Egyptian role in pushing forward efforts to uphold peace, security and stability in the region and across the globe.

He further praised Egypt’s strenuous efforts to put an end to wars and conflicts to achieve a better future for all peoples.

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