Gar el-nabi’s scent

Etr Qadeem (An Old Scent) is novelist Gar el-Nabi el-Helw’s tenth book. Melancholic and nostalgic, this novel touches upon the author’s own life and borrows from his previous literary works.

El-Helw’s Etr Qadeem is being published 26 years after his first collection of stories titled el-Qabeeh wal Warda (The Ugly and the Rose). The years that have elapsed have clearly added to the author’s experience, as one notices a technical transformation in his style.

El-Helw is also one of the most important authors of children’s books in the Arab world. He has written numerous books for children, in addition a number of scripts for children’s movies and television series.

Book: Etr Qadeem (“An Old Scent”)

Author: Gar el-Nabi el-Helw

Publisher: El-Mahrousa, Cairo, 2010

123 medium-size pages

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