“Go Clean”: Door-to-door initiative incentivizes recycling

The “Go Clean” recycling company, established two years ago, has just launched a door-to-door initiative through which the company directly exchanges recyclables with cash, becoming the first company to incentivizes consumer as encouragement towards recycling.

“While planning for this initiative we asked ourselves, why don’t we take recyclables straight from the first hand in order to facilitate the process itself,” Mohammed Hamdy, founder of “Go Clean”, told Egypt Independent.

He continued to clarify that his company’s primary aims are to raise environmental awareness, clean up Egypt and help customers obtain extra income by giving away things they don’t benefit from anymore instead of throwing them away in an environmentally unhealthy manner.

Amongst the metal items recycled by the company include soft drink cans, tin cans, old metal decorations, tea-pots, cooking pots and more. A variety of plastic objects are also recycled, including plastic bags, disposable plastics, shampoos/conditioners containers, water bottles and more.

Explaining the full process, Hamdy said the consumer first contacts the company by phone or a WhatsApp message with his/her location, then the company picks up the recyclables from their home after weighing them, bearing in mind that each material has its own price per kilo.

Finally, the company pays the consumer their financial incentive accordingly.

“The cash amount depends on the recyclables’ weight and most importantly, the company offers extra incentives to encourage the consumers to separate their recyclables into three sorts including plastics, papers and metals,” Hamdy explained.

Hamdy says consumers can donate the exchanged money to support cases that the company selects for and announces on Facebook and Instagram. These cases may include burn victims, special needs, and different operations for patients, amongst others.

Along with the company’s household door-to-door service, Go Clean has many recycling collaborations with factories, schools and other institutions including Alexandria’s Spanish Council, the French Consulate-General in Alexandria and Lycee Francais.

Hamdy pointed out the company’s success, as in just two months the initiative had assembled recyclables from over 2,500 clients in more than 30 areas covered by the company across Alexandria, Giza and Cairo.

The initiative’s covered areas include Sheikh Zayed, Haram, downtown Cairo, Shobra, Zamalek, New Cairo, Abassia, Shorouk, with plans to expand to all governorates across Egypt within the near future.

Go Clean Contact information:

Phone number: 01066666555


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