Government is not meddling in judicial verdicts, says cabinet

The Egyptian government does not intervene in the work of the judiciary and opposes attempts to place pressure on judges, the cabinet said in a statement on Thursday.

The statement posted on the cabinet's Facebook page comes after a Cairo court on Tuesday exonerated a number of former officials being prosecuted on charges of corruption. The acquittals provoked a public uproar.

On Monday, another court released on bail several officers accused of murdering protesters in Suez during the 25 January uprising.

The statement said the government fully trusts the country's judiciary, and stressed the former’s commitment to protecting courtrooms.

The government aims to hand over to justice those involved in incidents that endangered the country's safety, the statement stressed, adding that the law would be applied strictly and indiscriminately.

The cabinet said the continuation of fair trials for corrupt elements from the former regime is a top priority, and called on Egyptians to trust the judicial system and to respect its independence.

It also voiced support for demands put forward by nationalist factions and said it is eager to resume dialogue with all groups.

The majority of Egypt’s political and nationalist groups are due to take part in a massive protest at Cairo’s Tahrir Square on Friday 8 July. Protesters will call for faster prosecution of former President Hosni Mubarak and ex-officials, overhauling the police services, and restoring security to the street.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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