Gunmen open fire on funeral in Qena

Gunmen opened fire during the funeral of a victim who had been shot dead, as conflicts were renewed in a family feud between the families of Farghal and Saeed in Ezbet Shahin village, Farshout.

Security services in Qena were notified that an armed conflict had erupted, as disputes between the two families were renewed, leaving 25-year-old Mohamed Sabry Hamdi dead.

The victim was transferred to the morgue of Farshout central hospital. A police report was filed. Prosecution was notified to conduct investigations. Permission was issued to bury the victim after he was examined.

On the way to the graveyard, gunmen attacked the funeral, leaving one teacher, who was passing by when the clashes occurred, injured in the back.

He was transferred to hospital for treatment.


Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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