Hamas head meets Badie, Araby in Cairo

Head of Hamas in Gaza Ismail Haniya said Hamas represents the “Jihadi movement” of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood.

Haniya’s statements came after meeting with Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie at the group's headquarters in Cairo's Moqattam district. He also met with Badie's deputy Khairat al-Shater.

Haniya added that Hamas does not hide its affiliation with the Brotherhood, while Badie said that no cause is as important as the plight of the Palestinians. Hamas is considered an offshoot of the Brotherhood.

Haniya confirmed Hamas's commitment to the reconciliation and its readiness to offer concessions in order to accomplish this.

During the visit, Haniya also met with Major General Nader al-Aasr, who deals with Palestinian issues at the Egyptian intelligence services, and discussed the Palestinian reconciliation with him.

In a joint press conference with Arab League Chief Nabil al-Araby on Monday, Haniya called on the league to work toward lifting the Israeli blockade on Gaza. He added that reconciliation between different Palestinian factions is a strategic move.

Haniya’s visit to Egypt is the first trip he has made outside Gaza since Israel imposed a blockade on the territory in 2007.


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