Hazemoun suspend Media Production City sit-in

The Salafi sit-in at Media Production City has been suspended, the protest’s general coordinator Walid Haggag announced on Friday evening.

The decision was made in order to “grant full opportunity to TV channels to cover the two phases of the referendum without pressure,” he said, and to give protesters the chance to vote on the draft constitution and counter the efforts of the opposition to mobilize a “no” vote.

"The suspension decision came in coordination between Hazem Salah Abu Ismail and the participating Islamist forces," Haggag said, denying the interference of the Armed Forces or the police to end their sit-in.

Protesters have been divided over the decision. Some have left the sit-in, while others strongly rejected the decision and demand to continue their protest. Another group suggested breaking up the sit-in after the referendum results are announced.

Gamal Saber, coordinator of Hazemoun Movement and spokesperson for the protesters, said that "storming the Media Production City was only a threat, and was never a real possibility on the ground. We just wanted to scare the corrupt media personnel after they directed their corrupt pens against President Mohamed Morsy and Islamists.”

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