Health minister: Committee to investigate Abbasseya victim death

Health Minister Amr Helmy on Friday ordered the formation of a committee to investigate the death of Mohamed Mohsen Ahmed, a victim of the attack on protesters in Abbasseya on 23 July, after news circulated that many hospitals refused to receive him, leading to a deterioration of his condition.

Ahmed, 23, died at the Nasser Institute Hospital on Thursday, 12 days after suffering a brain hemorrhage from being hit on the head by a rock. He was a member of the Revolution Youth Coalition in Aswan.

Helmy said the results of investigation would be announced once it concluded. He stressed that legal measures would be taken against any negligent medical staff.

At the same time, Helmy praised the efforts of healthcare workers during the revolution, saying that hard-working members should be rewarded, even as negligent ones are punished.

The health minister himself and a number of other ministry officials have inspected New Cairo Hospital, which is in the Tagamo al-Talet neighborhood, and Ahly Bank Hospital, which is in the Tagamo al-Khames neighborhood, in anticipation of any future emergency, said the Health Minister's Assistant for Technical and Political Affairs Abdel Hamid Abaza, in a statement issued by the ministry of health on Thursday.

Former President Hosni Mubarak's trial is being held in Tagamo al-Khames, where tensions between Mubarak supporters and revolutionaries could produce more hospital emergencies.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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