Health minister: Haya Karima contributed to developing health services nationwide

Minister of Health and Population Khaled Abdel Ghaffar said Haya Karima initiative helped in ramping out health services and a number of healthcare institutions across Egypt.
In a press conference Thursday 29/12/2022, the Health Minister said that citizens head to emergency units in case of any eventuality, increasing pressure on emergency rooms and on medical staffers.
The minister said that there are 5,426 healthcare facilities across the various Egyptian governorates, including villages and rural areas.
The minister of health and population further referred to the upgrade of healthcare units to help citizens obtain basic health services.
About 80 million Egyptians benefit from Haya Karima initiative that has been endorsed by President Abdel Fattah El Sisi.
“Haya Karima”, which means ‘Decent Life’, was launched in 2019 to raise the standard of living by upgrading basic services in rural communities. Two years later, the “Haya Karima” initiative was upgraded to the Haya Karima Foundation, owing to its outstanding achievements and successes.
The “Haya Karima” initiative adopts a holistic approach by focusing on and incorporating all aspects of a decent life in its socioeconomic interventions, including the provision of numerous healthcare services, such as building hospitals and healthcare centers, providing medical equipment, and procuring qualified medical staff, as well as organizing medical convoys that provide, for instance, hearing aid devices, medical glasses, and wheelchairs or crutches for people with special needs.

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