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Heat wave across Egypt to peak on Friday

The Egyptian Meteorological Authority predicted the current heat wave to peak on Friday, with temperatures in Cairo to hit 37C.

Stable weather conditions are expected in all parts with no chances of dust storms.

Moderate weather will prevail in the early morning, with hot weather during the day in Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, northern Upper Egypt and the northern coasts, and very hot in South Sinai and southern Upper Egypt.

Moderate temperatures are expected at night in all parts of the country.

The EMA advised turning on air conditioners, avoiding direct exposure to sunlight, drinking plenty of cold fluids, wearing cotton and loose clothes, sitting in well-ventilated places, and applying moisturizer to prevent dry skin.

Meteorologists expect mist on some roads leading to and from Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, the northern coasts, South Sinai and northern Upper Egypt.

Active winds are predicted in areas of Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, the northeastern coasts, South Sinai and northern Upper Egypt, at intermittent periods.

Waves in the Mediterranean will be moderate, ranging in height between one and a half to two meters, with southeasterly surface winds.

Waves in the Red Sea will be moderate, ranging between one and a half and two meters high, with northwesterly surface winds.


Maximum temperatures predicted on Friday:

  • Northern coast: 35C
  • Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt: 37C
  • South Sinai, Northern Upper Egypt: 39C
  • Southern Upper Egypt: 41C

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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