Heatwave to continue Thursday

Meteorologists are predicting high temperatures and humidity in Cairo on Thursday with temperatures slightly lower on the Northern Coast.
The rest of the provinces will see higher temperatures during day and moderate in the evening.
Morning fog will cover northern Egypt accompanied by low-hanging clouds. Moderate winds are predicted at the northern parts of Upper Egypt, the Suez Bay and the Red Sea, disturbing maritime activity.
Wave height will range between 1-2 meters in the Mediterranean and 2-3 in the Red Sea, accompanied by northwesternly winds.
Meteorologists are predicting that the heatwave will continue until the end of August, though the temperature will decrease moderately this week.
To reduce risks of heatstroke, experts advise the public to stay hydrated, avoid direct sun as well as intense physical activity during the peak hours of daylight. Experts also recommend monitoring the elderly and the ill during the day.
Cairo: 37\30
Hurghada: 43\30
Sharm al-Sheikh: 42\31
Aswan 47\30
Edited translation from MENA

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