Helwan employees protest working conditions, bad pay and corruption

Workers from a number of government-owned companies in Helwan, south of Cairo, continued protesting today to complain about pay, working conditions and corruption.

Famous for its factories, Helwan is home to several industries.

Trade union sources said more than 1500 workers from the Arab Organization for Industrialization continued a sit-in at the company's headquarters for a second consecutive day. The Center for Trade Unions and Workers' Services, a civil organization that defends workers' rights, said workers want better wages and the removal of consultants whom they say cost the company hundreds of thousands of pounds in monthly salaries yet contribute nothing.

Workers from Al-Nasr Company for Coke and Chemicals started a strike today to call for the dismissal of their board of directors, the punishment of officials who caused the company's decline and the improvement of their financial condition. They said the company failed to pay bonuses even though it has made huge profits. The workers also want an investigation of the financial and administrative violations uncovered by the Central Auditing Organization. They said they will not end their strike until their demands are met.

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