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Located in one of Zamalek’s quiet quarters is Home & Beyond, an ideal place to find unique gift ideas.

Home & Beyond was established five years ago by Karim Gamal and Emad Omar. Both owners are young-spirited and have a passion for art. Emad studied law and lived in the US for a while, and Karim, who studied in France, has a diploma in Islamic art from the American University in Cairo. The young men share the same enthusiasm about the essence of Egyptian heritage. 
The moment you step into the store, you are met by strong scents of lavender and musk and the friendly smile of store manager and art consultant Nesreen Gaweed. Gaweed, a fine arts graduate, joined Home & Beyond four years ago, and manages the artistic aspect of the store.

“Every product inside the store reflects the Egyptian spirit and culture and is made by devoted Egyptian hands,” says Gaweed. The wide range of products such as candles, lanterns, chandeliers, handmade rugs, posters and old newspaper is puzzling yet appealing. "Our workshop is in the same building and I manage a team of six fine art graduates and amateurs," says Gaweed. 
The team meets every other day. Karim, Emad and Nesreen are usually the idea generators. A period of two months is required for a product to go through all its trial phases and hit the shelves.

“Our range of clientele is wide and covers both foreigners and Egyptians, but our most devoted visitors are Egyptians who live abroad,” says Gaweed. The shop’s signature products are candles and paintings, with the average price for a painting ranging from LE300 to LE700, depending on the size of the piece. The main idea behind the shop is authenticity and simplicity: all products are handmade and reflect a love for cinema and music icons of the sixties and seventies.

Talking about the unique products and different themes adopted, Gaweed says, "The sixties and seventies are rich eras artistically; cinema blossomed and the colors were bold and solid. According to Gaweed, the Western world is only really familiar with the pharaonic Egypt, but, through their products, Home & Beyond portray the Turkish Egypt, the Coptic one, the Andalusian, Islamic and modern Egypt. "We want to reflect the true image of this country."

Another specialty of the store is their bio-products. “We are the sole manufacturers of Egyptian musk, as other kinds available on the market are imported from France, Pakistan and India,” says Gaweed. Soaps, milk bath products, scrubs, body splashes and facial masks are all available, and all are 100 percent organic. And more products are added to Home & Beyond’s ever-expanding range on a monthly basis.

Home & Beyond is located on 17 Mansour Mohamed Street in Zamalek. Work hours are from 10 AM to 11 PM all days of the week, including national holidays.

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