Independent Teachers Syndicate: Ministry is ‘Brotherhoodizing’ education

The Independent Teachers Syndicate has accused the Education Ministry of "Brotherhoodizing" education, dismissing the ministry's media statements saying it is trying to reduce corruption and expenditures.

In a statement issued on Sunday, the syndicate added that around 22 members of the Muslim Brotherhood were promoted to senior positions in the ministry following the election of President Mohamed Morsy in June.

This week, the ministry denied news that it was "Brotherhoodizing" the ministry or curricula and dismissed as false claims that it had removed pictures of protesters killed during the 25 January revolution and those of unveiled feminist leaders in Egypt and inserted verses from the Quran in the national education book to advocate loyalty to the ruler.

In the statement, the syndicate mentioned the names of Brotherhood members who were promoted, saying that under the mandate of Education Minister Ibrahim Ghoneim, the ministry started implementing a plan to "Brotherhoodize" education, the first step of which was to control decision-making centers through the gradual replacement of ministry leaderships with members from the Brotherhood.

The syndicate said Adly al-Qazzaz, a friend of deputy Supreme Guide Khairat al-Shater, was promoted to the position of ministerial adviser for the development of education, who in turn, appointed four secretaries, including Mohamed al-Dawy and Reda Hussein, both from the Brotherhood; Mohamed al-Serougy, a Freedom and Justice Party leader and board member of a private schools complex in Mahalla, as ministry spokesperson; and Ahmed Fouad Gadallah as legal adviser to the minister.

Additionally, Magdy Bakhit, a professor of engineering who returned from Germany, was appointed the head of technical education sector and Omar Abdallah, who was in charge of the engineers dossier in the Brotherhood, as engineering adviser to the minister.

The syndicate also alleged that the next step after controlling administration will be to "Brotherhoodize" curricula.


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