Industry minister meets with EU ambassador over economic ties

The ndustry and foreign trade minister on Wednesday highlighted the necessity of turning European Union-proposed initiatives into projects that positively affect citizens and boost the economy.

Minister Mahmoud Issa referred to the EU as one of Egypt’s most important trade partners during talks Wednesday with the new EU ambassador to Egypt, James Moran.

Issa said their meeting tackled the future of economic ties and ways of boosting trade and joint investments among Egypt and European countries.

The minister also said it was necessary to form Egyptian-European groups that work on activating European aid programs, attracting European investments to Egypt and increasing Egyptian exports to EU markets.

They also discussed issues related to a free trade agreement between Egypt and the EU, reviewing obstacles that face European exports to Egypt and ways to overcome them.

Moran referred to Egypt as an important trade partner and said the EU is keen on offering required assistance to the Egyptian economy.

He said the government should hold direct negotiations not only with the European Union, but the other European funding institutions to activate economic initiatives.

Translated from MENA

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