Info center employees resume their strike

Employees of information centers affiliated with the Ministry of Local Development resumed their strike yesterday in front of the People’s Assembly, after “promises made by officials evaporated into thin air,” according to their description of events. They say that no progress has been made by officials since they ended their previous strike 15 days ago.

Women and children were among the hundreds of protesters who stood on the sidewalk across from the People’s Assembly, chanting slogans such as “We want our rights” and “What do we do with 99 Egyptian Pounds?,” a reference to their monthly salaries.

Meanwhile, a group of physically-disabled people, employees of the Ministry of Agriculture’s Land Improvement Authority, and workers at the Nubaria Company for Agricultural Mechanization continued their respective sit-ins. Nubaria Company employees appealed to President Mubarak for help, imploring him to intervene and solve their problems by ordering his cabinet to reopen the company.

Employees of the Land Improvement Authority announced their decision to begin a hunger strike in order to “attract the attention of the officials” so they may secure higher salaries and permanent job contracts. The workers say they are paid three Egyptian pounds daily without insurance or pension.

The group of disabled individuals continued their sit-in for the 76th consecutive day, asking the ruling National Democratic Party to reserve a five-percent job quota for them in the public and private sectors, as stipulated by law.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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