Information center employees stage new protest

Hundreds of information center employees staged a protest opposite the Shura Council after security authorities refused to authorize a protest in front of the Council of Ministers. The protesters demanded that promises of better pay and benefits be fulfilled.

Protesters carried banners and chanted slogans complaining about their low salaries and frustration at being ignored by the Ministry of Finance. The chants included, “What are we supposed to do with LE99?”

A large number of female protesters brought their children with them and a number of women fainted due to crowding when the protesters were cordoned off by police. A few women carrying babies were allowed through the cordon.

Prior to the protest, the employees had planned to hold a protest in front of the Council of Ministers, following a previous protest in front of the parliament. However, they found themselves faced with a large security presence which prevented them from protesting in front of the Council of Ministers, and they were directed to the sidewalk opposite the Shura Council.

The protesters said they had received promises from parliamentary officials that a decree ordering an increase in their salaries from LE99 to LE320 or from LE120 pounds to LE381–according to qualifications–would be issued, and that they would be given permanent positions.

They also said they had ended a sit-in which organized nearly three weeks ago in front of the Council of Ministers following new promises from Head of the Egyptian Trade Union Federation Hussein Megawer, but they were now forced to organize this new protest since none of the promises made have been realized.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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