Information Minister: ElBaradei a media not political phenomenon

Minister of Information Anas el-Feki says that potential presidential candidate Mohamed ElBaradei may finally be allowed to appear on state run Egyptian television if he has something important enough to say.  

ElBaradei, former chief of the International Atomic Energy Agency and potential contender for the 2011 presidential election could represent a scoop for Egyptian television.

El-Feki said during a television interview yesterday that ElBaradei is a media rather than a political phenomenon and described him as a “romantic dreamer who has not presented a manifesto which would help solve Egypt’s problems.”
He added that ElBaradei has no political status since he is not a member of any recognized party, and therefore has no legitimacy.
ElBaradei has previously chosen to appear on satellite channels rather than the state run television network.  El-Feki assured him that if he had something new to say, Egyptian Television would host him, in order to secure a scoop.

El-Feki said that he is supportive of private media sources and that if occasionally they breach some of the customs of Egyptian society, they should not necessarily be charged with treason. El-Feki added that the number of private channels has multiplied more than 15 times in five years.
Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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