Interior ministry to restructure state security

On its official Facebook page, the cabinet said the ministry of interior is currently conducting an urgent study to restructure the state security apparatus and specify its functions, objectives and mechanisms, following the latest developments in the country.

Clashes erupted yesterday in Alexandria between officers and employees from state security and hundreds of protesters who said they want the apparatus dismantled.

Protesters also surrounded the state security building in Giza as smoke rose from it, while in Zigazag smoke was also seen rising from the state security buildings. Eyewitnesses said state security officers were burning important documents. 

In 6th October City, dozens of protesters gathered near the state security office there to call for its dissolution, and officers responded by firing into the air to break up the protest, according to eyewitnesses.

In Damietta too, dozens protested in front of state security headquarters to prevent documents being taken out of the building or being damaged inside. Activists there said thugs attempted to disperse the protest as it grew.

An army force intervened to end the resulting clashes. Mohamed Abu Samra, an activist, said he has filed a complaint with the armed forces accusing thugs of attacking him and his colleagues while they were outside the building. He said this counters accusations by state security officers that some protesters attempted to break into the building.

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