Islamists call on Egyptians to boycott million-man protest

Islamist groups in Egypt called on Egyptian citizens to not participate in Friday’s million-man protests, which are being touted as the "second revolution of anger".

Activists and revolutionary groups had called through social networking websites for a protest in Tahrir Square on 27 May to voice their opposition to the idea of an amnesty for former President Hosni Mubarak or any figures from the former regime, demanding instead that they be brought to justice.

Protest organizers called for million-man marches and open-ended sit-ins in all Egyptian governorates until Mubarak and the key figures of his regime have been convicted in open and transparent trials.

A group of young Muslim Brotherhood (MB) members said via Facebook that, “boycotting the 27 May protests is a national duty".

"The claim that the aim of the protests is to pressure the junta into speeding up the trials is false… The real goal behind the 27 May protest is to push for a constitution before the elections and to circumvent the will of the people," they said.

Meanwhile, Salafi activists via global social networking site Facebook called for the boycott of the Friday protests, claiming the "27 May protests are being organized by secularists, liberals, infidels and atheists, and we oppose them."

The Manhag al-Salaf al-Saleh Movement said via Facebook that the call for the protest aimed "to divide", create "discord", and bring “desolation" upon Egypt.

Several liberal and secular movements have called for the postponement of the parliamentary elections slated for September, claiming that political forces need more time to rally supporters prior to the elections.

Experts predict that the MB would do well in the forthcoming parliamentary elections. The group previously announced it would be competing for nearly half the seats in parliament during the September elections.

According to local news reports, businessmen affiliated with the dissolved National Democratic Party are preparing to compete in the next elections on independent lists.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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