Janitor from ‘Koshary Al-Tahrir’ video released after his criminal record examined

The security forces in Giza released Mohamed Adel, a janitor who was summoned to the Aboul Nomros Police Station, on Tuesday morning, to examine a complaint filed against him.

Adel’s criminal record was examined by the security services in Giza after a complaint claimed that he had court rulings issued against him in cases of manslaughter, drugs and squander.

Adel confirmed that he received humane treatment by the security services, who provided him with food.

He was released without any guarantee because the examination of his record showed he was not wanted in any cases.

Adel, whose video of being ejected from a Koshary shop went viral on social media, has gone trending yet again after Giza police arrested him to enforce judicial rulings issued years back.

Sources said that Adel is convicted with indefinite rulings over manslaughter, in an accident in the New Cairo area, in addition to a dissipation ruling, upon which he was transferred to the Aboul Nomros Police Department.

Adel had been expelled from the Koshary Tahrir restaurant chain weeks ago, which angered the public against the Koshary shop, after which the Adel became widely known.

The video clip of the incident showed that Adel received a Take Away Koshary meal, but then decided to eat it inside the restaurant, in violation of the store’s management instructions, which prompted one of the workers to alert the janitor.

Some celebrities expressed solidarity with Adel, including Ahmed al-Awadi, who took the janitor to a shop to eat fish and shrimp together, after Adel told the media that he was expelled from the Koshary shop because of his shabby clothes and work.

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