Jellyfish spoil North Coast vacations

Following the appearance of several types of jellyfish on Egypt’s North Coast [Sahel] beaches, the Environment Ministry released a statement on Tuesday clarifying that a specialized group has been sent to monitor consequences of the jellyfish’s emergence.

Over the past few days, many Egyptians spending their Eid vacation at the North Coast posted photos on social media of jellyfish that surfaced on the beaches.

The Environment Ministry asserted in its statement that the type of the jellyfish that has appeared is ‘Rhopilema nomadica’, which are widely present in the Mediterranean Sea.

The ministry’s statement added that the ‘Rhopilema nomadica’ jellyfish first appeared in Al-Arish, Port Saied and Damietta.

Experts have recommended that people leave the area immediately when a jellyfish appears, in order to avoid being stung. In the case that someone is stung, they also advised rinsing the affected area with vinegar and warm water.

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