Jordanian spy trial postponed

The Supreme State Security Court on Sunday postponed the trial of detained Jordanian national Bashar Abu Zeid until 19 November.
Israeli intelligence officer Ofir Harari, currently regarded as a fugitive, will also be tried in absentia in November.
The defendants are charged with spying for Israel.
Cairo Criminal Court had declined the case when Abu Zeid plead to be tried before another court. However, Cairo Court of Appeal rejected the plea.
Prosecutors had charged the defendants with passing international calls from Egypt to Israel for the latter to monitor locations of armed forces and police, posing a threat to national security.
Egyptian intelligence had been monitoring Abu Zeid for the past year. He is a communications engineer specializing in satellite networks. He allegedly made several calls to Harari and met him abroad.
Harari allegedly assigned Abu Zeid to sell Israeli communications equipment to Egyptian dealers to enable Israeli security services to listen to international calls made from Egypt.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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