Judges excluded from HEC to lodge complaint with judicial authorities

Egyptian judges excluded from the High Elections Commission (HEC) have begun collecting signatures for an official complaint that they intend to submit to the Supreme Judicial Council (SJC).

They claim that the HEC failed to consider judges' relative seniority when appointing members.

Others complain that the HEC had based the appointments on security reports, excludingthose judges who had exposed violations in past parliamentary and presidential elections.

“We excluded certain judges for reasons pertaining to their health conditions and for no other reason,” said HEC President Al-Sayed Abdel Aziz Omar.

SJC member Ahmed Mekky, for his part, said the council would "look into" the judges' complaint as soon as it was filed.

The HEC, meanwhile, called on all registered Egyptian voters to exercise their "constitutional right" to vote in Sunday's parliamentary elections.

“We have finalized all preparations to ensure that elections are held under optimum conditions," said HEC spokesman Sameh al-Kashef.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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