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The kickboxing workout, pt. II

A kickboxing workout is high-energy and strenuous. Amr Shinawy leads his class through a kick warm-up and then a sparring and kicking routine. Shinawy pushes his students to follow form and prepares them with a series of stretches, published in the last article.

Step 1:

Begin with a jog to a count of 10. On the second count of 10 place hands behind back and raise heels to touch hands. For the third count of 10, keep hands at sides and bring heels up to touch hands. Finish with a count of 10, bringing feet up to touch the opposite hand and another count of 10 jogging with knees up as high as possible.

Step 2:

Move side to side kicking feet to the side for a count of 10. Skip in place, kicking feet forward for a count of 10. Continue skipping, pushing each knee up individually for two counts of 10.

Step 3:

Add high kicks after each knee-up, a 10 count for each side. Then jump and twist simultaneously for a count of 10. Jump side to side for a count of 10, then back and front for a count of 10 as well. Finish with 10 forward kicks for each leg.

Step 4:

The first routine: Move sideways to the right, lifting both feet off the ground while doing so. Bend the right knee and straighten it out to the right. Do the same with the left. Repeat. Bend the right knee and kick to the side, right side then left, and repeat. Kick forward four steps–follow with two squats–kick forward and walk back four steps–follow with two squats. Repeat.

Shuffle to the left and repeat.

Step 5:

Second routine: Shuffle to the right and follow with a cross, jab, hook, and upper-cut. Slide right foot right and bend left, slide left foot left and bend right–both times leaning down to almost touch the floor. Repeat. Kick forward four steps and then jump up and down, rotating fists as if punching a speed bag. Kick four steps backwards and jump up and down rotating fists again. Repeat.

Step 6:

Final routine: Shuffle actively to the side, rotating one arm at the elbow, hand in a fist. Punch forward with each arm then plan out a kick by doing the following: For the right side, step with the left foot, cross behind with the right foot and kick high with the left leg. Shuffle back to the left side, punch forward with each arm and step with the right, cross with the left and kick high with the right. Repeat 8 times.

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