Kom Ombo schoolteacher beats student with shoe

An Arabic-language teacher at the Kom Ombo Secondary School for Boys is said to have assaulted one of his students with a shoe. The teacher also reportedly kicked and slapped the boy.

The student's father filed a complaint at Kom Ombo's education department alleging that the teacher had beaten the boy after the latter objected to being insulted for failing to answer a question posed by the teacher.

A subsequent investigation into the incident revealed that the student had indeed been insulted and assaulted by the teacher in front of his classmates. Nevertheless, a board meeting with the school principal ended with a decision to expel the student for a 12-day period.

A second incident took place at the Aqad Secondary School in Aswan, where high school student Ziad Younes Shazli and his family assaulted a schoolteacher who had scolded the boy for allegedly pelting him with stones–a charge the boy denies. Both parties filed complaints at the local police station, which included medical reports on their respective injuries.

In related news, Amal Mohamed Metwally, a teacher at the Abbasia Primary School, along with her four daughters, staged a sit-in protest at the Kom Ombo Hospital after police allegedly broke into her home and humiliated her in front of her children. She also complained that police had ransacked her home.

According to Metwally, the police raid came following an in-absentia court verdict issued against her in a loan case that she said she had appealed.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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