Liberals call for widespread civil disobedience in Ismailia

Revolutionary movements and political parties in Ismailia are planning acts of civil disobedience across the governorate Wednesday, according to a statement issued Tuesday.  

Activist Khaled Kamel said officials at the governorate's headquarters have been notified of their plans.

Kamel said they have also issued several demands, including dismissing the Cabinet and the prosecutor general, amending the constitution, investigating the killing of protesters in canal governorates during recent unrest and compensating these same victims and their families.

Activist Mohamed al-Faham added the civil disobedience will continue until these demands are met.

Mossad Hassan, the secretary of the Socialist Popular Alliance Party in Ismailia, said his group would take part and called for others to join and fight against the "dictatorship of President Mohamed Morsy, the Muslim Brotherhood and their stubbornness."

Mohamed Hosni, the National Salvation Front chief and secretary of the Democratic Front Party in Ismailia, said the NSF is set to hold a meeting to discuss next steps. He also said Morsy and the Brotherhood need to understand Egypt's grave situation.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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