Maait: State keen on scaling up Saudi investments in Egypt

Finance Minister Mohamed Maait asserted the state is keen on supporting all required and necessary measures to scale up Saudi investments in Egypt in order to capitalize on distinguished investment chances offered by the state to fulfill the different giant, developmental and national projects.

The state is seeking to back the foreign and local private sector and provide incentives for production and IT sectors, relying on the country’s strong infrastructure and advanced legislative structure, added Maait while attending the final session of the 2nd Edition of the Financial Sector Conference (FSC 2023) in Riyadh, according to press release by the Finance Ministry.

Maait had a one-on-one meeting with his Saudi counterpart Mohamed al-Jadaan, which was held as part of their greater interest in promoting cooperation between the two countries.

In turn, Jadaan stressed his country has invested and still invests in different developmental projects in Egypt.

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