Man who set himself ablaze not psychologically disturbed, says brother

The brother of Ahmed Hashem al-Sayed Ramadan, who set himself on fire on Tuesday, denied he was psychologically disturbed as was reported in the papers. “He took his life because he had financial problems,” he said. The funeral was held Wednesday in Alexandria.

His cousin Ahmed Said al-Sayed tried to commit suicide before.

In related news, security around parliament intensified after two men attempted to set themselves on fire in front of the parliament building in separate incidents. Undercover police searched passersby and checked IDs before allowing them to walk in the area.

Two men were arrested on suspicions they planned to set themselves ablaze, but they were later released.

Meanwhile, police arrested a man who stood before the Mostorod Water Company, holding a bottle in one hand and a lighter in the other. He threatened to light himself on fire unless he was granted a flat in a housing project designed for youth.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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