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Marine activities halted in Elphinstone reef area after appearance of tiger shark

Egyptian authorities in the Red Sea governorate on Sunday to halt all marine acitivty in the Elphinstone Reef area south of Marsa Alam for a week following the appearance of a tiger shark.

This includes diving, fishing, snorkeling, kite surfing and wind surfing.

The Red Sea Marine Parks Authority (RSMPA) had submitted a report to the Governor’s Office in the Red Sea that it had spotted a tiger shark in the vicinity of Elphinstone Reef, one of the most famous diving sites in the Red Sea.

The Governor of the Red Sea, Amr Hanafi, formed a committee of researchers from the RSMPA and the Society for the Conservation of the Environment to monitor the shark status in the area.

The decision included carrying out continuous monitoring and assuring that boats are not throwing any waste into the sea water, handing over the waste to the docks, and preparing a daily report to be submitted to the governor until ensuring the stability of the situation.

The Governor also ordered conducting a marine survey of the area, following up on the behavior of sharks, collecting information, and following up on the implementation of precautionary measures immediately.

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