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Mastering makeup: Blue eyes

Having blue eyes is a plus on its own, but wearing the right colors can accentuate the beauty of your little men magnets.
Here are some useful tips on choosing the right eye-shadow tones and how to apply them.
1. Always take into consideration what you are wearing, especially the color of your top. So for instance if you are wearing green, use a light shade of grey or apricot for your eyes.
2. Also take into consideration what time you are going out. If it's a daytime activity, use beige and light pink colors.
3. For evening, use smokey grey or even black. You can even match your eyes with mauve, violet or brown.
4. For a more dramatic evening look, paint your lids with beige or a light tone of brown. Retouch your upper eye lids with bronze, then use black eye shadow to create a smokey look. (Check Mastering makeup: Smokey eyes

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