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Mastering makeup: How to make your lipstick stay

Lipstick that stays on all day long seems like an impossible wish, but reapplying it after coffee in the morning and lunch in the afternoon is simply too much work for many. To achieve a longer-lasting made-up look, follow the following easy steps below and you will be amazed with the results.

1. Start by applying concealer under your eyes and to the creases of your lips; don’t forget to cover all the dark spots on your cheeks and chin.

2. Apply a rich and homogeneous layer of foundation to cover the lip line–not your entire lips. If you don’t wear foundation, apply concealer.

3. Powder your entire face and lips then use a clean brush to remove the excess powder. Then outline your lips with a neutral color lip liner to make your lips look bigger. The color should match your lips, not your lipstick.

4. Apply the first layer of lipstick with a lipstick brush; go with the brush over the lip liner you applied previously.

5. Remove the excess color by pressing your lips onto a tissue; reapply the color from the tube this time to revitalize the color.

6. If your lipstick is matte apply a touch of lip gloss, avoiding your lip line.

Now you are set for the entire day!

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