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Mastering makeup: The morning look

Whether it's work, walking the dog or taking the kids to the garden, morning chores demand a specific look. Looking good without being too made-up can be tricky. Here are a few simple steps to follow.

1. Start by covering the dark spots and circles under your eyes with concealer. Spread an even layer of foundation then powder your face if you want.
2. Color your eyelids with a nude color to unify the tone of your eyes. Then add the color that you prefer to the corner of your eye. Work your way inwards–darker on the outside, light on the inside.
3. After you create the two tone eye shadow look, start outlining your upper and lower lash line with brown or grey eye shadow.
4. Finish with a couple of layers of mascara.
5. For your cheeks, use a fresh rosy tone and complete the look with a peachy or rosy lip-gloss. Avoid glitter.

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