MB leader to speak only through spokesman

According to sources close to the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) opposition movement, the group’s new general guide, or murshid, will brief the MB’s 16-member Guidance Bureau on their new tasks at a meeting slated for Wednesday.

Newly-elected General Guide Mohamed Badie declined to give more details. "New rules stipulate that the general guide should not deliver any press statements except through his personal spokesman," Badie said.

Bureau member Osama Nasr Eddin pointed out that Badie had not yet chosen members of a steering committee mandated with running the group’s internal affairs. "Badie is a very optimistic man," said Nasr Eddin. "It seems that God chose him in particular to lead the group at this stage."

Badie’s predecessor, Mahdi Akef, spent the first day after the conclusion of his term in office at a public park with his family. "I’m spending the day with my grandchildren in this beautiful place, away from all the stress I used to deal with," he said. "I plan to spend each day with my family."

Meanwhile, authorities Sunday released two MB leaders that had served out their prison terms. A military court had indicted the men–along with 23 other MB members–back in 2008.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.    

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