Military urged to turn torched NDP offices into cultural center

Several political figures and youth opposition group members in Egypt have asked the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces to turn the torched offices of the formerly-ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) into cultural and educational youth centers.

Meanwhile, a Facebook group called "Together we make the future" suggested that the offices house scientific researchers and the health sector. The group also suggested the offices be used to launch health awareness campaigns, focusing on anti-addiction programs. It mooted various other ideas, including using the buildings for sports, tourism, political participation, human development, training, desert urbanization, small enterprises, field research, literacy programs and education development.

In addition to its main headquarters in Cairo, several NDP offices nationwide were plundered and set on fire during the mass pri-democracy protests that erupted on 25 January. President Hosni Mubarak, the NDP’s chairman, resigned on 11 February. His son, Gamal, headed the party’s Policies Secretariat.

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