MPs accuse govt of waste, corruption and fraud

Members of the People’s Assembly from both the majority bloc and the opposition submitted 105 early day motions and urgent written questions to the government, accusing it of wasting public money, corruption, and fraud.

A number of MPs, including Hamdi el-Tahhan, the head of the transport committee, and Abdel Raheem el-Ghul, head of the agriculture committee, said the government had encouraged the proliferation of informally-built areas by leaving heads of district councils to sell state-owned land in return for monthly bribes.

MPs emphasized that informally-built areas represent a threat to society after reports have proven that crime, such as drug dealing, sexual harassment and the sale of rotten food, is rampant in such areas.

MPs also accused the government of imposing fines last year on farmers in some governorates for violating regulations governing the cultivation and irrigation of rice despite the adverse circumstances those farmers have faced.

The People’s Assembly is scheduled to examine these matters over the next week.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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