MPs announce bill on political rights

One hundred opposition and independent members of the People’s Assembly held a press conference yesterday in front of the People’s Assembly to announce a draft law on political rights. The bill was presented on Sunday to People’s Assembly Speaker Fathi Sorour.
The assembled MPs said the bill provides guarantees for the integrity and freedom of elections. If passed, it would entrust the judiciary with supervision of the entire electoral process, including reviewing the lists of voters, the polling process, and announcing results.

In addition, if the bill is passed people will be able to vote using their national identity cards, and expatriate Egyptians would also have the chance to vote.
MP Hamdi Hassan said the bill is composed of eight chapters and 94 articles. Most importantly, the bill states that all Egyptians have the right to run in elections, regardless of religious or political affiliation.
MP Gamal Zahran said that, according to the People’s Assembly’s bylaws, the bill must be discussed.
Mahmoud el-Khodeiry, legal expert and founder of Egyptians for Elections Characterized by Freedom and Integrity–which prepared the bill–said the new law will help form a strong People’s Assembly whose members are elected in free elections.
The press conference was attended by 86 MPs from the Muslim Brotherhood bloc, 14 independent candidates and a group of politicians including Mahmoud el-Khodeiry, as well as George Ishaq, and Karim el-Hefnawi, both members of Kefaya.
Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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